About Fun Eating Travel

From the web site, you probably already know that I like traveling and eating for fun. I also find microbiology and chemistry fascinating, and I enjoy growing vegetables and fruits. Although I used to be a competitive runner and an avid dancer, now I'm mostly an occasional hiker.

I like baking savory foods (not so much sweets) and recently discovered the thrill of deep frying (the hot oil is a bit scary, but done right, the flavor from the Maillard reaction is so tasty). Despite all the eating, fortunately, my metabolism has not caught up with me... yet.

In college, I studied way too many subjects out of curiousity. After graduation, I became a Program Manager at Microsoft (Bing / Windows Live), then a Product Manager at RockYou (Social Games), before joining a tiny company called MindSnacks (Educational Mobile Games), where I wore many many hats in Product and Operations.
I'm now working on everything related to the web site, sales channels, and marketing at Live in a Story